DA Division Rules

Players College Showcase Rules
for US Soccer Development Academy (DA) Division

Players College Showcase has created a division for the US Soccer Development Academy (DA) teams planning to participate in the event. The tournament will be held on March 15-17, 2019 in Las Vegas. The DA division will include brackets for teams ages U15 and older only. The games conducted in the DA division will fully adhere to rules set forth in the DAs Outside Competition Standards.

Tournament Rules for DA Division are as Follows:
Roster size

  • llvll – Maximum roster size of 23 players, only 18 players are permitted to be rostered per game
    Substitution rule
  • llvll
  • U-15 through U-18/19 age group- 7 substitutions across 3 moments (half-time does not count as a moment) with no re-entry (Event substitution structure)

Game Length

  • Ul5-2×40 min halves (if one game per day); 2×25 min halves (if two games per day)
  • Ul6/17 &i Ul8/19-2×45 min halves (if one game per day); 2×25 or 2×30 min halves (if two games per day)
  • U-15- no more than100 minutes of competition per day
  • U-16/17 and U-18/19-100-120 minutes of competition; each player should play no more than100 minutes of competition per day (roster management and player rotation required to meet standard)

Competition Format

  • No more than one (1) game per day (unless mini-game format is used; no more than 2 mini-games per day) and no more than two (2) consecutive days of competition. See examples below.
  • Play- Play- Rest or Play- Rest- Play type format

The games will be played over two days on Friday and Saturday and will follow the below prescribed 2-day showcase model formats.

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Registration Deadline
Registration deadline for DA teams is January 1, 2019 but we recommend teams to apply as early as possible. Only limited spaces are available for DA brackets.

Tournament Fee for DA Teams
DA team registration fee is $1,200.00. There are no additional fees to participate.