About Us

The Players Soccer Club was established in 1989 by former professional player Saeed Bonabian (under the name Neusport-Tabagators Soccer Club). Saeed Bonabian started the club with just two girls’ teams with first game playing on March 21, 1989. The vision was to create a club culture and an environment that would allow players in the Las Vegas area to pursue their dreams to the highest level culminating into playing in collegiate level or professionally. The club philosophy was to develop players with superior technical skills and clear understanding of the game while cultivating creativity and joy of the competition. The vision included attracting and training coaches who would believe and follow the same approach to player development. The club has a philosophy of attracting coaches with playing experience in collegiate or professional levels.

Through the clear vision and strong leadership and structure provided by Saeed Bonabian the Players Soccer Club has grown to over 1000 players, 70 teams in Southern Nevada and 60 teams in the Reno-Tahoe area in Northern Nevada. The club continues to enjoy national recognition as one of the nation’s leading clubs in developing players with creativity and flair capable of competing at the highest levels.

In the year 2000, a College Showcase event was founded by Saeed Bonabian, the first of its kind where High School age teams played in a Showcase Format. The Players College Showcase Tournament has become one of the nation’s most respected youth soccer events. The tournament has benefitted the players in Nevada and across the nation offering great exposure to collegiate and youth national team coaches. The tournament had a huge impact in making Las Vegas as one of the most attractive tournament destinations.

The club’s stability is a product of the positive atmosphere of trust and team work among coaches, players and parents since 1989. The club loyalty among players and thousands of alumni is unparalleled with many former players now coaching in the collegiate programs, encouraging and contributing to the future of college careers of the existing players in the club.

As our history has illustrated, the club’s vision is being realized since 1989, through our players’ success on the soccer fields, in the classrooms, and as leaders of the communities across the nation. The future continues to be bright for our players as the club continues with the same vision and dedication to remain on the cutting edge of today’s game as we provide a growing group of players with the opportunities they seek and as we continue to show success in the future, as we have done in the past.