Players Soccer Club has one of the best coaching staffs in the nation.  We understand that dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring coaches working as a team provide the best environment for player development.  All of our coaches have playing experience with some at the very highest levels internationally.

Coaching assignments for 2022-2023 Season

Boys Team Coaches - 2023-2024 Season
2019 CoedItzia Lopez
2018 BoysItzia Lopez
2017 BoysItzia Lopez
2016 Boys EliteOrlando Villegas
2016 Boys AcademyOrlando Villegas
2016 Boys Academy 2Edmundo Hernandez
2016 Boys Academy 3Luis Ramirez
Yadira Quazada
2015 Boys EliteMiguel Lopez
2015 Boys AcademyMichael Ortega
2015 Boys Academy 2Chris Sosa
2014 Boys EliteJose (Beto) Ortega
Saeed Bonabian
2014 Boys AcademyJorge Rojas
2014 Boys Academy 2Michael Ortega
2014 Boys Academy 3Chris Sosa
2013 Boys EliteEduardo (Lalo) Rodriguez
2013 Boys AcademyIsmael Lagunas
2013 Boys Academy 2Ouahib (Coach K) Kaouane
2013 Boys Academy 3Edmundo Hernandez
2012 Boys EliteMiguel Rubio
2012 Boys AcademyEduardo (Lalo) Rodriguez
2012 Boys Academy 2Jorge Rojas
2012 Boys Academy 3Andrew Maghni
2011 Boys Elite 1Ismael Lagunas
2011 Boys EliteAlec Kuklish
2011 Boys AcademyAlec Kuklish
2011 Boys Academy 2Andrew Maghni
2010 Boys Elite 1Miguel Lopez
2010 Boys EliteJose (Beto) Ortega
2010 Boys AcademyJose (Beto) Ortega
2010 Boys Academy 2Noah Craig
2009 Boys EliteCyril Alexander
2009 Boys AcademyGil Huerta
2009 Boys Academy 2Noah Craig
2008 Boys EliteBryan De La Fuente
2008 Boys AcademyGil Huerta
2008 Boys Academy 2Julien Peniston
2007 Boys EliteMiguel Rubio
2007 Boys AcademyBryan De La Fuente
Saeed Bonabian
2007 Boys Academy 2Roger Ceron
2006 Boys EliteCherif Maghni
2006 Boys AcademyCherif Maghni
2006 Boys Academy 2Andrew Maghni
2005 Boys EliteMiguel Rubio
2005 Boys Elite 2Eduardo (Lalo) Rodriguez
Girls Team Coaches - 2023-2024 Season
2018/2017 GirlsItzia Lopez
2016/2015 Girls AcademyKayla Tapanes
2015 Girls EliteCherif Maghni
2014 Girls EliteJoal (Jay) Luff
2014 Girls AcademyKayla Tapanes
2013 Girls EliteJoal (Jay) Luff
2013 Girls AcademyKayla Tapanes
2012 Girls EliteRicky Milton Juarez
2011 Girls EliteCyril Alexander
2010 Girls EliteOssue Lopez
2010 Girls AcademyOssue Lopez
2009 Girls EliteJulien Peniston
2009 Girls AcademyJulien Peniston
2008 Girls EliteSalvador Garcia
2008 Girls AcademySalvador Garcia
2007 Girls EliteRicky Milton Juarez
2007 Girls AcademyRicky Milton Juarez
2006 Girls EliteJoal (Jay) Luff
2005 Girls EliteSaeed Bonabian