Players Soccer Club has one of the best coaching staffs in the nation.  We understand that dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring coaches working as a team provide the best environment for player development.  All of our coaches have playing experience with some at the very highest levels internationally.

Coaching assignments for 2019-2020 Season

Players SC Boys Teams and Coaches (U11-U19)
Players 01 Elite BoysDror Midany
Players 01 Boys AcademyCherif Maghni
Players 02 Elite BoysHoracio Ortiz
Players 02 Boys AcademySalvador Garcia
Players 02 Boys Academy 1Juan Carlos
Players 03 Elite BoysTravis Myernick
Players 03 Boys AcademyIsai Hernandez
Players 04 Elite BoysSaeed Bonabian
Players 04 Boys AcademyCherif Maghni
Players 05 Elite BoysBoris Gujic
Players 05 Boys AcademyJohn Queely
Players 06 Elite BoysTravis Myernick
Players 06 Boys AcademyFredy Cana
Players 06 Boys Academy 1Joseph Salazar
Players 07 Elite Boys EastRodrigo Fuentez
Players 07 Elite Boys WestDror Midany
Players 07 Boys AcademyCyril Alexander
Players 07 Boys Academy 1Rodrigo Nava
Players 07 Boys Academy 2Rodrigo Fuentez
Players 08 Elite BoysMiguel Lopez
Players 08 Boys AcademyMiguel Lopez
Players 08 Boys Academy 1Efrain Tapia
Players 08 Boys Academy 2Nate Green
Players 09 Elite BoysAndre Luciano
Players 09 Boys AcademyCyril Alexander
Players 09 Boys Academy 1Genaro Amescua
Players 09 Boys Academy 2Nate Green
Players SC Girls Teams and Coaches (U11-U19)
Players 01 Elite GirlsDavid Massino/Saeed
Players 02 Elite GirlsChris Shaw
Players 03 Elite GirlsMarco Mesrobian
Players 04 Elite GirlsSaeed Bonabian
Players 05 Elite GirlsAndre Luciano/Cyril Alexander
Players 05 Girls AcademyCyril Alexander
Players 06 Elite GirlsTravis Myernick
Players 06 Girls AcademyAlex Fatkullin
Players 07 Elite GirlsMarco Mesrobian
Players 07 AcademyRicky Juarez
Players 08 Elite GirlsBoris Gujic
Players 08 Girls AcademyGretchen Zigante
Players 09 Elite GirlsBoris Gujic
Players 09 Girls AcademySaeed Bonabian
Players 09 Girls Academy 1Ricky Juarez
Players Junior Academy Boys Teams and Coaches (U5-U10)
Players 10B Juniors EliteJuan Contreras
Players 10B Juniors AcademyIvanni Sanchez
Players 10B Juniors Academy 1Alyssa Sachs
Players 11B Juniors EliteJuan Contreras
Players 11B Juniors AcademyJuan Contreras
Players 11B Juniors Academy 1Genaro Amescua
Players 11B Juniors Academy 2Raymond Serrato
Players 12B Juniors EliteOrlando Villegas
Players 12B Juniors AcademyLionel Rivero
Players 12B Juniors Academy 1Jose Herrera
Players 12B Juniors Academy 2Alyssa Sachs
Players 12B Juniors Academy 3Guillermo Jimenez
Players 13B Juniors EliteLuis Covarrubias
Players 13B Juniors AcademyItzia Lopez
Players 13B Juniors Academy 1Genaro Amescua
Players 14B JuniorsAlyssa Sachs
Players 14B Juniors Academy Alyssa Sachs
Players 15B JuniorsAlyssa Sachs
Players Junior Academy Girls Teams and Coaches (U5-U10)
Players 10G Juniors EliteBoris Gujic
Players 10G Juniors AcademyGretchen Zigante
Players 11G Juniors EliteDanny Ortiz
Players 11G Juniors AcademyDanny Ortiz
Players 12G Juniors EliteItzia Lopez
Players 12G Juniors Academy Itzia Lopez
Players 13G Juniors EliteItzia Lopez
Players 13G Juniors AcademyItzia Lopez
Players 14G Juniors EliteAlyssa Sachs
Players 14G Juniors AcademyAlyssa Sachs
Players 15G JuniorsAlyssa Sachs