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    Players Soccer Club

    As we embark upon a new soccer season starting in June 2019 it is important to thank all those people that have made it possible for our young players to follow their dreams of playing “the beautiful game.” For three decades, hundreds of coaches, managers, and volunteers have contributed to the great success of our soccer club. I have had the privilege of witnessing a great number of players wearing the Club’s uniform as youth players and move onto having great playing careers in high school and collegiate soccer. All those players not only helped to develop the soccer culture in Southern Nevada but also, with their great soccer skills, have paved the way for the future players to be respected in the national soccer scene.

    Personally, it is hard not to reflect back to March 6, 1989 when I held the first practice for the Tabagators U8 team at the Lorenzi Park in a corner of the outfield of a baseball field. It is no exaggeration to say that in the past thirty years the Players Soccer Club has had a major role in putting Las Vegas in the national soccer map. As the youth soccer scene has continued to go through changes and evolutions, the Players Soccer Club has stayed in the cutting edge and has continued to produce some of the best players nationally. The ingredients have remained the same: dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable coaching staff; relaxed environment for players to express their skills in the game; dedicated and disciplined parents; passionate, disciplined, and skillful players; and teamwork between coaches, parents and players. The Players Soccer Club works very hard to continue to keep the cost very low to our parents and players.

    Looking forward to the next thirty years!