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  • Axel Uriostegui

    Axel Uriostegui

    This month’s Spotlight players represent the next generation of players that have been identified by MLS teams for their full-residency academy programs.

    Axel Uriostegui is a product of Players SC Junior Academy program joining the club as an 8 year old. Axel, a member of Players SC 07 Elite Boys team in 2021, was identified by RSL MLS and offered a spot on RSL’s 2008 full-residency Academy program. Axel has been in the RSL Academy program for over one year and continues to shine on and off the field. Recently, Axel was offered a spot on both the Mexican and US U15 National teams. Axel will be joining the US U15 National team in their next international competition.

    Luis Quiroz, a member of Players 08 Elite Boys team, has been recently selected by RSL MLS Academy for next year’s full-residency academy program in Salt Lake City. Luis will join Axel on the RSL 2008 Academy team for the upcoming season. Luis has been an integral part of Nevada State Champion Players 2008 team.

    Players SC family is very proud of Axel and Luis’s accomplishments as young student athletes. We will continue to follow their achievements on and off the field.

    Axel Uriostegui